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Scott A. Hepworth

Business Developer and Private Adviser

Scott helps CEOs and executive teams grow their companies and increase value

  • start-ups
  • beyond start-up growth
  • mature company succession

Anything a CEO and executive team deals with

  • business model — evaluation, clarification, innovation
  • vision — sharpened and more clearly defined, thoroughly instilled
  • strategy — better, more clearly communicated and executed
  • organization & operations — more effective for producing more desired results
  • leadership — best practices overall for continued improvement

Scott helps technically-immersed founding teams do what is needed to improve business and grow their companies to meet their goals.

He helps owner operators meet lifestyle goals by being able to work less or fully retire.

He works interactively with company leaders to prioritize improvement opportunities and facilitate all-important follow through.

He facilitates company-specific problem evaluation, education, incentives, and accountability to much better engage employees to improve the business.

He helps instill team initiatives throughout the company to increase sales, improve service and quality, lower costs, better meet the needs of customers and stakeholders, increasing profit, cash flow, and market value.


Hepworth and Associates, Inc.

Business Development and Improvement

408-639-7827, scott at hepworthinc dot com

Posted September 22, 2013 by hepworthinc

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